Thursday, May 29, 2008

Attraction, Manifestation, and Genies!

If you've looked around my blog, you'll notice that I'm currently reading The Secret, actually for the second time. Perhaps you've read it, seen the movie, seen the website, or been to a seminar presented by one of The Secret contributors (would that make them "Secreteers"?). Since its release, millions of people around the world have read, watched and studied the materials. I've not seen the movie (yet!), but I hear it's even more powerful than the book.

According to the book, The Secret isn't a secret at all -- it's actually what's called The Law of Attraction, with the idea being that when you focus your attention and awareness on what you want, you will actually activate the "Universe Genie" to manifest whatever it is that you're wanting. Sounds cool, right?!

And it is cool...except...(that's a GREAT word, isn't it?!) I sit here on the couch wanting a sip of coffee, I can't just wait for the coffee to come to me and jump into my mouth! I actually get to pick up the coffee cup and take a sip! And the reason why I have coffee to sip, is because I WANTED coffee (usually do!), so I INTENTIONALLY MADE coffee, and now I get to sit here and SIP my coffee! So where's my magic genie?! I need a refill!

Maybe you're thinking right now, "Wait a minute...does that mean that there is no real magic genie?". Hate to break it to you, but no, there isn't actually a magic genie waiting to grant your every wish just because you throw it out there! What there is, though, is the truth in that you get what you focus on, what you create, and what you put your energy into. And if that is true, then you get what you want as long as you focus on what you want and assign your energy to what you want. And therein lies the first have to focus on what you WANT, then you do something about it! Honestly, that's a tough thing to do for most people. There are sooooo many distractions in life, so much negativity, so many people existing in their survival mode, that it's easy to get sucked into their vacuum. Then it breeds discontent, resentment, bitterness...then there are physical effects of that stress and negativity...good times!!

So how does the Law of Attraction and Manifestation work? Honestly...I'm still learning!! I know that I had a fantastic experience at the Phoenix airport yesterday which was 100% in line with what I wanted, but then I couldn't manage to "manifest" the shoes I was looking for at the store last night! Maybe I'm not a Master Manifester yet! (Quick, say that fast three times!)

For me, I believe it has largely to do with my awareness. What am I paying attention to? Because as I wrote about a few days ago (see May 26's entry about blogging), we notice things more when our awareness has been raised. So when I pay attention to opportunities, I see opportunities that I would probably have otherwise overlook. Similarly, when I pay attention to problems, I actually end up finding MORE problems, as I'm clearly locked into problem-finding mode!

This is obviously a much larger subject than one blog entry, so perhaps I'll expand on this as I move forward. In my experience, most people want better lives, but it's usually easier to give in and stay where we are than to put forth energy to create something better. Which is why the idea of a Magic Genie is SUPER COOL!! Unfortunately, it doesn't exactly work that way.

But just in case...Genie, I need more coffee!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Little victories!

I believe people don't celebrate enough! I'd like to officially vote in favor of open celebrations, even for seemingly "everyday" events. If we get in a habit of celebrating even the little victories, then enthusiasm grows, and every day is a celebration!!

With that being celebration for the day is that my husband and I paid off his student loan!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!! It only took about 10-1/2 years, but we're done, and I gotta tell you, it feels phenomenal!! I was paying bills this evening, and I called my husband down from upstairs (he initially was a little bothered by my request!) to "witness" the big event! A click here, a click there...PAID OFF!!

This is only the beginning of our celebrations, and I'm not just talking financially! We are changing our lives, changing our future, creating an exciting legacy that will make a profound impact on the world around's an exciting time! I'm glad to be able to share it with others, and hopefully you'll get excited about something in your life, then you'll choose to start celebrating, and soon it will spread!! Think about how much fun that will be!!

If you want, feel free to share your celebrations here...I'll do a happy dance with ya'!

Monday, May 26, 2008

It's a good thing I love to read!

Have you ever noticed how your awareness shifts depending on what's going on in your life? For example: When you first buy a new car, you suddenly seem to see all the other cars that are just like yours. It's because your attention has been raised to that particular thing, so you see the things you may have previously been looking past.

I'm finding that very principle applies to my new experiences with the World of Blog! I knew of blogging, but didn't really get it so I generally dismissed it. Once I more clearly understood the benefits (and the potential!), I set out to learn more and more about blogging, and I've discovered soooooooooooo much information to digest!! It's almost information overload!!

One of the best benefits, though, is finding GREAT blogs that I love to read! I've listed a few here on my site (just up and to the right...check them out!!), but there are many, many more!! Joel Comm's place at is a fantastic blog, as is by Loral Langemeier, and another place I found called Bruce*isms, located at Informative, entertaining, thought provoking...and just plain good reading!! And that's the tip of the tip of the iceberg!! There are some GREAT spaces out there, where people are sharing their experiences and their perspectives, giving a glimpse into their lives and their hearts. By reading, I learn and grow and ask myself questions that make me learn and grow even more...all of which is good!!

I constantly have to fight the temptation to just read on and on...and on...and on...and on...and on...!!! After all, there are things to be done, day in and day out! But now that I've discovered this world, I am truly enjoying it, and I hope you're enjoying your glimpse into my world! Someday, I'll have one of those blogs that people refer other people to -- then you can smile to yourself, knowing that you were with me from the beginning, being witness to this journey! Feel free to comment, by the way...I've found it's usually more fun to travel with people than just by myself!

Happy Monday Evening to all!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Yep, I'm a Renaissance Festival Geek!!

Every April in North Texas brings a new run of what's known as Scarborough Faire...a renaissance festival complete with jousting, highland games, wenches, and men in skirts!! It's an honored tradition in my home...we usually go a couple of times a season, and we "dress up" at least once. That means "costumes"...kilts, swords, custom-fit leather boots, etc. I'll post a picture one of these days! We do our best to use the lingo -- "Thank thee" instead of thank you, "Huzzah" instead of WOOHOO!! It's really a wonderful time -- something special for my family.

We finally made it this year, although only once, and we skipped the costumes (which was a good thing, as the heat index for the day was somewhere near 100-degrees!). We listened to our favorite bagpipe band (bought their latest CD!), chowed down on arguably the BEST turkey legs EVER, and watched the father-son knife throwing duo, throwing knives at each other using the same jokes they tell year after year! Despite our daughters' incessant chants of "can we ride a ride?", we did manage to see a few of the shops, and even bought some of our favorite bath salts.

Nothing much changes from year to year at Scarborough Faire. The King and Queen appear to be timeless and ageless. The Maypole always gets tangled. The parade always ends with this crazy guy named Miguel who walks along saying "This is the end of the parade!" And yet, year after year, we visit, we listen, we laugh, we shop, we eat, we sweat (it's HOT!), and we look forward to the next April, when the village will re-open for yet another year of predictable merriment!

It's tradition. And in my opinion, traditions were made to be honored, no matter how many things DON'T change! We'll go back next year, and the next and the next, and there will be comfort in finding things exactly as we left them the year before. I'm sure eventually some things will change, and though I'm sure we'll all adapt, we'll also be a little sad at yet one more thing changing in our routine, stepping inches closer to slipping away.

I like traditions. Especially ones where men wear skirts!