Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When Worlds Collide...

I think I've hit Social Networking overload. Very recently, MySpace got Tagged by my LinkedIn Facebook, and the resulting chaos has given me a headache! Which profile do I still need to complete? Should I upload that picture of the mini-marshmallow decorating that Billie did that one afternoon? And am I the only person who can't read those verification words?!

I wouldn't necessarily describe myself as a techno-savvy person, although I can basically navigate my way through most things. In some ways, though, I'm surprised that I haven't plugged into all this earlier. Especially since I can manage my Facebook profile from the comfort and convenience of my phone!! Side note: for those of you who don't already know this, I am walking reinforcement of the BlackBerry nickname of "CrackBerry" -- I'm hooked on my phone!

I'm even more surprised by all the people I'm finding...friends from high school, from college, from the broadcast business, from my work in the training world, friends from church, family members -- I had no idea that I could find so many familiar people in one place!! For the most part, each group is "segmented" -- meaning, high school friends are common with other high school friends, broadcast business friends with other broadcast business friends, etc. There are some overlaps, mostly in the college/church world. And then there are the people that I'm not sure how I know...that's fun!!

At first, all this discovery caused me a bit of anxiety. I suddenly felt like several different people -- some people know me as a singer, others know me as the one who was yelling at them for 3 days, and still others are unfamiliar with either of those elements of my life! I'm sure some people will remember certain things about me, some of which are still relevant, and others that are not. And after my initial insecurity and desire to find the closest non-WiFi spot and hide (which actually isn't that far from me!!), I'm actually excited about all of this. It's fun to look at pictures and read updates and learn about the lives of people who were once part of my day-to-day life. My favorite hobby is people, so to have a central location where I can keep up with friends and family members all over the world is fantastic!

And that fact that I can do it all from my phone...PRICELESS!!