Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy New Year, Part 2!

July 1…the start of the 2nd half of the year. It's a good time for reflection, evaluation, and course correction if necessary. Although not many people that I know are in that mode right now – most are looking forward to the holiday weekend, fireworks, get-togethers, and parties! As for me…I’m going to take a brief moment to evaluate what has been so far this year, because I’m pretty sure I don’t want to repeat it during 2009.2!

Truth be told, June 29 is the half-way mark of the year, since the first 6 months include only three 31-day months, as well as February’s 28 days. To me, this is particularly noteworthy, since June 29 was the day of my first phone appointment with my new life coach, Kevin Ciccotti of Cutting Edge Coaching and Consulting ( Our first call was more than just an overview of what we’re going to do – I’ve known Kevin for a few years already, so we skipped the formalities and got right down to business!! I’m already learning from the work he’s given me to do, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to work with him!

2009.1 was really not too pretty. My business fell flat. My goals for the year slipped away. I didn’t lose any weight, pay off any bills, or make any progress on my house. I still need new floors, a new roof, trimmed trees, a balanced budget, a smaller waistline, less stuff, and far more consistency. I started to feel trapped by my lack of progress, and completely annoyed by my lack of energy to do much about it!!


2009.2 started with a call with Kevin, where we talked about fear, guilt and energy blocks. We talked about me giving myself permission to let things go. We talked about trust issues and faith. These are all things that I know and know how to do, but apparently need help with! And, in the interest of full disclosure, I knew I needed help, too, but I didn’t really want to admit it. It makes me feel, well, helpless!

Truthfully, I’m very excited about getting help. I’ve gotten too skilled at dodging accountability, so this is exactly what I need! I implicitly trust my “helper”, and I’m looking forward to making amazing things happen in this second half of the year. Stay tuned for details – I’ll be keeping this blog updated, so feel free to comment and share! And have a Happy New (Half of the) Year!

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