Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Maybe you've noticed I've been a bit quiet lately! I've sure noticed...and I'm not proud of it!! I seem to be computer challenged lately--every time I sit down, I get sucked into that black hole known as the World Wide Web...and there I sit! And I stay there entirely too long doing entirely too little...then things don't get done, then I start feeling guilty...it's not a good scene!!

There are a lot of advantages to steering clear of my computer...I tend to get more done at home, and I tend to get to bed a bit earlier. That's good, right? I have, in fact, gotten a lot of work done around my house over the past couple of weeks. That, honestly, feels phenomenal! Now, I haven't gotten to bed that much earlier, but that's a whole different issue!!

Of course, there are disadvantages, too...for example, if one has a goal of running an internet business, then avoiding the computer is going to be a bad business practice!! Then there's the email issue...there are times when I don't answer an email from my phone when I read it, because I have too much I want to say, and the thought of "thumbing" a long answer to an email is somewhat less than attractive!! Unfortunately, too many intended replies have ended up as nothing more than intentions, and I've upset a few people. (Okay, more than a few!!) I've learned over and over that when it comes to my email, out of sight is truly out of mind! Again...not good!

Then there's the blog...I've had lots of good ideas, lots of mentally composed entries, lots of interesting thoughts that I've let go of because I didn't take the time to just SIT DOWN and type them in. (Well, they were interesting to me, anyway!!) It has bothered me -- a LOT -- that I haven't updated this blog in a while. Many people have told me they enjoy my random postings here, and I feel like I've let myself and others down my by not keeping up with this.

UP UNTIL TODAY...when I remembered that, 1. I can email a bog post, 2. I can email from my phone (yes, it's all thumbs, but it can be done!!), and so 3. I don't have to risk getting sucked into the cyber-abyss in order to keep up with this page! I only need to DO IT. Make it happen. Do it now. Thumbs and all!

Thus, I address you today from poolside, watching the kids play, enjoying a remarkably comfortable July evening (which is rare in North Texas!!), and feeling a bit sheepish that I didn't remember this sooner! DUH!!!! Of course, I could apply this same principle to so many other areas of my life...things I avoid or side-step, things I mean to get to but just haven't, yet...ultimately the best thing to do is to just DO. NOW. FINALLY!


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